Adarana 2 Scheme: Last Date, Apply Online & Status Check

Adarana 2 Scheme derails: Andhra Pradesh is the states with diverse occupations ranging from farming to fishing and so on, so some peoples from these occupations are facing financial problem so government of Andhra Pradesh launches Adarana 2 Scheme to give supporting hand to such needy people. Hey guys welcome to Vvgnl in today’s post I will share information about Adarana 2 Scheme in details such as how to apply, eligibility criteria, who can apply and how to check application. So let’s know more about this scheme.

Adarana 2 scheme
Adarana 2 scheme

What is Adarana 2 Scheme?

This is the scheme launched by Andhra Pradesh Chief minister in April 2023 for improving the financial situation of the poor people in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This is the upgraded version of Adarana scheme 1. Under this scheme, people from various trades such as pottery, weaving, fishing, and many other works will receive financial help from the government to purchase tools which are needed and which will simplify their work.

Who will get benefits from this scheme?

All the poor and financially weak people working in industries like pottery, cattle herding, weaving etc. People from such industries will receive levels of support, with subsidies ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000, depending on the Industry which they fall into. The scheme combines subsidy, loan, and personal contribution.

Maharashtra Rojgar Hami Yojana

Name of SchemeAdarana 2 Scheme
State LaunchingAndhra Pradesh
CategoryGovt Scheme
BenefitFinancial Support
Registration modeOnline/Offline
EligibilityFor residents of AP

What subsidies are covered in this scheme?

The subsidy of the Andhra Pradesh Government that are covered in this scheme are 

  • 70 percent of the cost which requires to buy tools needed in an particular occupation
  • 20 Loans are given to people Through the corporation NBCFDC.
  • Rest 10 percent will paid by peoples from particles occupations

What is Eligibility For this scheme?

Following things are needed to be eligible for this scheme 

  1. Person must be a resident of Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Person should belongs to financially backward class
  3. Should involve in any of the work considered by government 
  4. The age group eligible for this scheme is between 18 to 50 years

This was the eligibility criteria for the scheme 

What is the List of Occupations involved in the scheme?

People involved in the following occupations are going to get benefit of the scheme 

  1. Pottery:- Those who are involved In pot making occupation
  1. Cattle and sheep rearing:- the people who practice animal breeding and rearing livestocks.
  1. Laundry:- People involved in washing activities
  1. Dyeing:- Those who labored in coloring and dye shading activities 
  1. Toddy making:- Those who collects sao from the palm trees and makes popular alcoholic drink “toddy” in the Andhra Pradesh
  1. Building construction:- laborers working in construction of buildings
  1. Hairdressing:- professionals involved in hairdressing activities 
  1. Carpentry:- carpenters will get tools which will help them In wood cutting Activities
  1. Fishing:- those who are involved in catching and selling fishes.
  1. Weaving:- people in this profession will receive weaving machines from the government 
  1. Stone carving:- people who make sculptures and interesting arts from the rocks 
  1. Oil pressing:- those who are involved in extraction of oils
  1. Basketry:- people involved in basket making Activities
  1. Goldsmithy:- Those who makes jewelleries from the gold or silver
  1. Tailoring:- those who are involved in sewing activities 
  1. Brass smithy:- those who makes products from the brass

All the peoples involved in these activities will be a part of the scheme and will receive various products in cheap need for their activities.

The adarana 2 Scheme is more than a government subsidy, it’s an initiative filling the gap between the past and the future.

It’s about valuing the time-honored skills of artisans and peoples of Andhra Pradesh and giving them the power to keep their traditions alive while embracing the advancements of the present.

For the peoples of Andhra Pradesh, the adarana 2 Scheme is a hope, promising a wellness of traditional crafts in the contemporary world. The scheme carries the potential to revitalize entire communities, ensuring that the state’s rich culture remains safe for generations in the future 

How to Apply for the scheme?

Applying for the adarana 2 Scheme is  online process here is how you can do it :

1. Visit the official website of the Andhra pradesh government and navigate to the ‘Apply Online’ section.

2. Fill in the form with personal details which includes your name, address, pan card, identity card or any proof of being Andhra pradesh citizen.

3. Upload the more necessary documents, including Aadhar Card and Ration Card etc

4. Now submit the details,After submission, an application number is generated for future references.

What will be the impact of this scheme?

This is not just a scheme but also the 

lifeline for the financially weak peoples in the Andhra Pradesh

Chief minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy tolds about the impacts of this scheme they are below:-

  1. The major impact of the scheme is it reduces costs of the tools that are needed and useful for the applicants of the scheme
  1. It will improve financial conditions and livelihood of the applicants of the scheme and hence overall condition of the Andhra Pradesh
  2. It saves and promotes the states cultural and religious works through this scheme 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who launched the adarana 2 Scheme?

Adarana 2 Scheme was launched by the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy

What is the deadline of the adarana 2 scheme?

Adarana 2 scheme doesn’t have any deadline because it’s an ongoing scheme, one can apply any time and can get benefits of the scheme.

Final words

From my point of view it’s a great initiative started by the government of Andhra pradesh.

adarana 2 Scheme is the blessing and helping for the poors and financially weak peoples in Andhra Pradesh, it’s all about their well being and good livelihood.

If you are a citizen of Andhra Pradesh, I advise you to give knowledge about this scheme to friends, relatives and especially needy people by sharing this article

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