Kapil Sharma Show Ticket Price, Booking Fees, Price

Kapil Sharma Show Ticket Price 2023: Kapil Sharma show ticket price, booking process, registration form and more things you should know about this show in this article. “The Kapil Sharma Show” is one of the best television comedy shows broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television And Kapil Sharma Show Ticket Price is free of cost, But you have to fill the form if you want to watch live show. In this article I will tell you how to apply ticket.

The Host and owner of the show is comedian Kapil Sharma, it was first premiered on April 23, 2016 and from that time the show gradually gained popularity and became the best comedy show till date!

Kapil Sharma Show Ticket Price
Kapil Sharma Show Ticket Price

Kapil Sharma Show Details

Channel NameSony Entertainment
Name Of ShowThe Kapil Sharma Show
HostKapil Sharma
New Season Stating Date21 August 2023
The Kapil Sharma Show Ticket PriceFree
Telecast daysSaturday & Sunday only
No. Of episodes476
No. Of seasons5
Kapil’s twitter accounthttps://twitter.com/KapilSharmaK9

Why does the Kapil Sharma Show get so much popularity?

Here are the reasons behind the popularity of the Kapil Sharma show-

  • The show is known for its unique and humorous approach to entertainment and comedy. Kapil Sharma, the host, is a skilled comedian who is the main heart of the show.
  • The show invites celebrity guests from various fields including Bollywood, cricket music etc ,which makes the show more popular because the fans of celebrities will watch them thus they indirectly contribute to the success of the show.

The show includes more comedians some of them are:

  1. Bharti Singh,
  2. Krushna Abhishek, 
  3. Kiku Sharda, 
  4. Sumona Chakravarti. 

These characters, with their unique and funny dialogues, contribute significantly to the show’s popularity.

“The Kapil Sharma Show” also stands out for its live audience interaction. Kapil and his team often interact with the audience by involving them in jokes and conversations, which adds the unscripted and real feeling to the show. This interaction is a key element that keeps the audience engaged and contributes to the show’s relatable and down-to-earth tone.

Awards Kapil Sharma Show Gets

The Kapil Sharma show got

  1. Producers Guild Film Award as the best comedy show 
  2. Indian Television Academy Award for the Comedy Genius to the host of the show Kapil sharma

Why Do Celebrities Visit The Kapil Sharma show?

The Kapil Sharma show serves as a medium or platform for celebrities to promote their upcoming films or projects.

As we know this show is very popular that mostly all the Indians watch this show, so celebrities find it as the best way to promote their projects and films.

Some of the popular celebrities likes Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar oftens goes to the Kapil sharma show for promoting upcoming films 

Though the show promotes the celebriti’s films and projects it does so in a manner that it looks more entertaining rather than promotion. The guests share their real life funny stories in the show and thus all the audience loves to listen to them.

Kapil Sharma show ticket price.

The tickets for the Kapil Sharma show are actually free of cost but it’s difficult to arrange the tickets for the show because of each show only 400 to 500 seats are available.

Below are some ways to get ticket to the show but mind that we can’t ensure 100 percent with it 

  • You can ask for a ticket through their official mail on the site by specifying a special reason for it.
  • You can also contact any team member of the Kapil Sharma from from Instagram, twitter or other platform and asks them for the ticket arrangement 
  • You can also get a ticket with any of the guests invited if you have good contact or recognition with them.

Remember the ticket is absolutely free, If someone asks you for any prize for the ticket don’t believe them they may be scammers.

Guidelines of the show 

Following are the guidelines to follow after being getting into the Kapil sharma show 

  • You can’t enter the show taking any snacks or food to eat, but don’t worry, the show provides you with food.
  • You cannot take phone or camera to the show as shooting is not allowed after entering in the Show, The show cooperatives keeps your phone with them safely and will handover to you after the show is over 
  • You cannot take Childs less than 4 years because they may create disturbance in the show by crying or making noise 

These were some guidelines you have to follow for entering in the show 

What’s the address of the show?

The address for the show is:- 

Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari, Film City Rd, Film City Complex, Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065.

You can plan for the show according to the address given above.

Who is allowed to sit in the front row of the show?

The people who want to ask questions to the Kapil Sharma team or any guests are allowed to sit in the front row of the show. You can also get a chance to sit in the first row so that you must prepare for the good questions to ask!

You can also ask guests to do some special task for you, and this you can even get a chance to go on the performance stage and to meet the guests in real life.

Where to watch the latest episode of the Kapil Sharma show?

Unfortunately if you didn’t get the chance for the show you can watch the latest episodes of the show on Song LIV.

Frequently Asked Questions 

In which city is the Kapil Sharma show hosted?

Kapil Sharma is hosted in the city Mumbai, for getting precise address visit our post.

Who is the judge of the Kapil Sharma show?

Archana Puran Singh is the current judge of the Kapil Sharma show.

Are celebrities/Guests paid for coming to the show?

No, celebrities/guests don’t get paid for coming to the show.


The Kapil Sharma Show has achieved a milestone in the comedy genre. Personally I watch and like this show so much because of Kapil Sharma’s comedy and his down to earth behavior!

In this post I have covered all the points about the Kapil Sharma show, I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading !

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